2021 Nominations

At the WVSSAR Board of Management meeting on March 27, 2021 the Nominating Committee presented the slate of officers and directors for the forthcoming election at the annual meeting on April 24, 2021:

President:  John A. Turley, MD

1st Vice President:  Rhendal C. Butler

2nd Vice President:  Martin L. Keesecker

Secretary/Treasurer: Harold T. Cox, Jr.

Registrar: Henry Louis Ruf III

Chancellor: William W. Booker

Historian:  Douglas Wayne Harvey

Chaplain:  Lynn A. Halstead

Board of Management (Terms Ending 2024)

  1. Richard C. Schoening
  2. (no candidate nominated)

Color Guard Commander: Edward A. Cromley IV

Editor, WVSSAR News: Thomas J. Galloway

National Trustee: Harold T. Cox, Jr.

WVSSAR Nominating Committee (Terms ending in 2023)

  1. Ira Cook, Jr.
  2. James Paul Chapman

The Nominating Committee members serving in 2021 are Robert B. Fish, Jr., chairman, Edward A. Cromley IV, Douglas Wayne Harvey and Thomas J. Galloway.