Message from the WVSSAR Color Guard Commander

Dear Chapter Presidents,

As the new State Color Guard Commander, I would like to form a roster of Compatriots interested in serving in the State Color Guard.  If you would forward names of those who will serve at our events it will be appreciated. I would like to have their phone number and e-mail address, sent from them or from you which ever is more convenient.

I will reply to those interested, asking the type of service they may render, uniform they wear, and weapons they carry.  We will use Society approve commands at all gatherings so each of us will be confident in the orders given and what to do.

I am also looking for Color Guard Captains who may fill in for the Commander at times when there are multiple events or the Commander is unavailable for other reasons.

Our first engagement is Saturday May 7 in Cedar Grove WV at the Virginia Chapel Church rededication.  The ceremony starts at 1:00 pm.  Color Guard will form at 12:30 that afternoon.

Thank you,
Ed Cromley