NSSAR National Outreach Education Initiatives

The following is a status report dated July 31, 2015, from Colleen Wilson, the SAR Center Director in reference to the National Outreach Education Initiatives:

Outreach Education initiatives identified in this status report reflects projects that
significantly impact the SAR membership across the country. We continue to contribute to
SAR endeavors to increase the exposure of the National Headquarters in Louisville as a
cultural destination and viable resource to the educational community.

Since the 2014 Congress, Outreach Education has sent out over 2,218 pieces of educational resources to SAR members around the world.


Prepared and conducted the first Outreach Education Open House at Congress.
Over 200 members attended scheduled presentations, met with representatives of Youth
Award Committees, received National History Day state contact information including early
release of 2016 theme, accessed education materials, and retrieved copies of the newly
released education DVDs. One of the highlights of the Open House was a presentation by
the 2015 winner of the Dr. Tom & Betty Lawrence American History Teacher Award
Derrick Lindow. His program illustrated outstanding examples of innovative teaching
strategies which engage today’s history students in the classroom. Lindow addressed
members’ questions about getting into the classroom and the best avenues to reach
educators. Bill Stone, Alabama Society, demonstrated the “Articles of Association 1774”
and Tom Green, Texas Society, shared his expertise on the “American Flag Program” while
Mark Anthony walked members through the intricacies of the Americanism Score Sheet.
These presentations are excellent examples of our members’ commitment to Outreach
Education and their expertise in mentoring to others.

Educational DVDs are now posted on YouTube for nation-wide access. Since March 2015, Outreach Education has coordinated the dissemination of “The Articles of Association of 1774,” “American Flag Program,” “Music in the American Revolution,” “France’s Contribution to American Independence.” One complete set of this collection was initially sent to each state society. Future DVDs will be posted digitally on-line and also sent directly to each state society secretary. Open House feedback indicates that members still want to receive hard copies of these materials as a way of introducing themselves to school administration and grade level educators.

Secured Revolutionary War display material for state and local level event booths, civic celebrations, member recruitment, and classroom enrichment. The United States Military Academy’s American Colonies, 1775: The American Revolutionary War: Principal Campaigns of the War was obtained with permission of the USMA Department of History. It gives an exceptional overview of the key battles, campaigns, and boundaries for each side of the American Revolution. John W. Barber’s The Eight Years of the War of the American Revolution: Chronological Table of the American Revolution, showing the Time and Place of each event is dated 1871 in accordance with an Act of Congress with permission granted by the Library of Congress. The table provides a unique layout of the American Revolution.
One complete laminated set is complimentarily supplied to each state society. Additional
poster sets are also available for purchase. The ability for members to download these
posters and print them off locally will be a tool available on the new temporary Outreach
Education web site.

Museum Collection Power Point Program developed to foster a better understanding of the museum collection and support object-based learning. Showcased at the Open House, members are given selected examples of exhibit pieces and their educational potential at preferred grade levels. The program’s objective is to encourage members to select reproductions of artifacts in their own area and incorporate them in program content. It can also serve as a supplemental local chapter program. Members will be able to access this presentation on the new temporary Outreach Education web site.

In Process

SAR Education Outreach Site is being rejuvenated and reconstructed for use as a temporary landing page until the new web site becomes available. Formerly a site used to implement a grant, its location will remain under the Youth Education tab. This temporary site will offer DVD YouTube selections, articles, speeches, biographies, display posters to download, program material, and access to resource materials.

New Youth Awards Council will be working with Youth Award chairmen to clarify the
process by which local chapters and their state societies can become involved and thereby
encourage greater participation. A brochure mock up will be prepared for the Council’s
review at Leadership and include the similarities and exceptions for each award.

Videos will be taken of representatives from each Youth Awards Committee and placed on line for members to access. These individual videos will provide committees with a national platform to promote their award and helped to insure adherence to contest rules. Efforts are underway to secure the production capabilities of a vocational high school to record these videos. A template is being developed as an aid to the chairman as they create their presentation.

A “Cemetery Preservation Workshop” will be offered to all members on Thursday, Sept. 24 at Fall Leadership. The program will feature Michael Higgs, well known historian for Cave Hill Cemetery. Members active or interested in cemetery and Patriot Grave programs will find Higgs’ expansive background very helpful. Topics to be covered include cemetery protocol, etiquette, and the hidden resources these sites provide researchers. A panel of SAR members will also be on hand to share their experiences and answer members’ questions.

You can download a copy of this National Outreach Education Initiatives status report in PDF format from HERE.