Compatriot Spotlight – Jim Lockhart

The husband and wife team of James “Jim” and Janet Lockhart have been active in the DAR and SAR for many years. They are both accomplished genealogists, having published 125 different family genealogy books.

Jim and Janet Lockhart
Jim and Janet Lockhart

Here is partial list of the 125 different family genealogy books that Jim and Janet Lockhart have published:

Name of Book                                                                                    Publication Date

  1. Elijah Staats and Descendents 1997
  2. Abraham Staats and Anna King 1997
  3. Descendents of John Sheppard and Sarah 1995
  4. Descendents of Thomas Thorn 1999
  5. Descendents of Michael Teeter 2010
  6. Robert Tennant and Descendents 2009
  7. Descendents of William Taylor 1995
  8. Descendents of Daniel Meadows 2008
  9. Descendents of Robert Looney 1996
  10. Descendents of John Lott 2005
  11. Known Descendents of Levi Lowe    1995
  12. John And Christina Lockhart 1995
  13. Presley Vineyard and Some of his Descendents 1995
  14. Descendents of Michael Wiseman 2000
  15. Descendents of Jurian George Westfall    2000
  16. Enochson, Enoch, Enochs 1996
  17. John Ferrell and his Descendents 1996
  18. Johann Heinrich Flesher (2 Vols.)              2008
  19. Descendents of Thomas Sayre 2004
  20. Rhodes From Rockbridge Co Va. And Roane Co WV             1995
  21. Edward Anderson and wife Agnes Ann         2011
  22. Michael Archer and and Descendents 1995
  23. John and Mary Barnhouse 1999
  24. The Bishop Family (2 Vols.) 1995
  25. Descendents of Jean Louis Bonnett 2011
  26. Descendents of James Paxton 1998
  27. Capt.Wlliam Parsons and his Descendents (2 Vols.) 2001
  28. John Board and Known Descendents         1998
  29. Descendents of William Henry Casto (3 Vols.)      2001
  30. Descendents of Francisci Cheuvront and Nocolae Fabvre 1995
  31. Descendents of John and Mary Counts 2012
  32. Keyser, (Kiser) Descendents 1999
  33. Descendents of Thomas Green 2010
  34. Johan Hendrich Knopp 2012
  35. Lauren (Duyets) Dye 1999
  36. Descendents of Jeremiah Conley 1998
  37. Descendents of Alexander Cline     2004
  38. Descendents of Sir John Clay       2012
  39. James Boggs and Descendents        2012
  40. Hans Jacob Gandee       1995
  41. The Booth Family(Descendents of Adam De Boothe (2 vols)        1995

42 Michael Drake and his Descendents                                             1998

  1. Fields, The Fields Family Genealogy        1995
  2. Descendents of William Fisher,Sr.           1996
  3. Descendents of James Harper,Sr. 1995
  4. Thomas Hughes and His Descendents 1999
  5. The Hunt Genealogy iof Roane Co.          1995
  6. Descendents of Charles Morehead 2000
  7. Richard Skidmore (Scyddamore)            2012
  8. Descendents of Enoch Weekley           2000

Jim Lockhart is a past president of the Captain James Neal Chapter of the West Virginia Society of the Sons of the American Revolution (SAR). His lovely wife, Janet, served as Regent and District Director of the Charleston Chapter of the West Virginia State Society, Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR), and is currently active in the Blennerhassett Chapter of the DAR.

Jim and Janet Lockhart have been active for many years in promoting the genealogy, heritage and history of West Virginia. They have volunteered generously of their time to conduct numerous genealogy workshops, serve as docents at the Blennerhassett Mansion, served as volunteers for the Parkersburg/Wood County Public Library, helped to establish the Celtic Heritage Celebration in Parkersburg, WV and were members of the Coast Guard Auxiliary.

On February 21, 2013, Jim and Janet Lockhart were awarded the West Virginia History Hero award in recognition of their contributions of preserving and promoting the history of the State of West Virginia.

In March of 2013, Jim and Janet Lockhart were awarded the Snow Drop Award by the Blennerhassett Island Historical State Park in recognition of their contributions to that State Park.

On behalf of the Officers and Compatriots of the West Virginia Society of the Sons of the American Revolution, we tender our most sincere appreciation to Jim and Janet Lockhart for their contributions to the DAR, SAR and the State of West Virginia.