General Andrew Lewis Chapter Meeting – Updated

WVSSAR President Steve Hart will be the featured speaker and install officers at the Thursday, March 12 meeting of the General Andrew Lewis Chapter. The meeting begins at 7 p.m. at the Enslow Park Presbyterian Church in Huntington.

Enslow Park Presbyterian Church
1338 Enslow Boulevard
Huntington, WV 25701

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Gilbert  Casto was the guest speaker who gave a wonderful talk about the Battle of Point Pleasant. He covered  the movements  of  the Shawnee Indians and the Battle lines held by Gen Andrew Lewis and the Va. Militia. It was a interesting  talk and was attended  by members of the Chapter and even the Public. There was a great  question  and answer session  after and refreshments were served.

Steven Hart, WVSSAR  State President  attended  and installed the Chapter officers for the upcoming  year.

General Andrew Lewis Chapter Meeting 12 Mar 2015
General Andrew Lewis Chapter Meeting 12 Mar 2015

This was the picture from the meeting.
Left to right:
Thomas Galloway, Chapter President
Fred Harmon ll, Chapter  Secretary
Steven Hart, WVSSAR  State President
Lance Carter, Chapter  Registrar
Kenneth  Smith, Chapter Treasurer