Patriot James Keaton Grave Marking

A ceremony in honor of Revolutionary war soldier James Keaton was held October 16, 2021. Those attending were descendants Charles Lilly, past president of the Missouri State SAR and former WVSSAR president William H. “Bill” Lester. Also in attendance were the WVSSAR Color Guard led by Edward A. Cromley IV and including Bill Lester, Calvin Hannah, Zach Phillips and others with Charles Lilly was an honorary participant.

Elder Norval Mann gave the invocation. WVSSAR Vice president Rhendal Butler led the introduction with local DAR regents Debra Phillips and Caroline Klezli. Bag Piper, Ms. Maggie Jusiel, performed during the ceremony. Rhendal Butler, Wayne Harvey, Forest Lilly and Mr. Tabscott represented the Greenbrier Valley Chapter. Bill Lester, Calvin Hannah and Bob Tilley represented the Captain Ralph Stewart Chapter.
WVSSAR Historian Wayne Harvey gave the Benediction.
Several descendants and members of the community also participated in the ceremony.