SAR Merchandise Orders

From Susan Griffin
Director of Merchandise
National Society Sons of the American Revolution

The end of the calendar year is near and that means it is almost time for our annual physical inventory!

We will be locking the system and starting the physical count on Saturday December 17, 2016.   The external auditors will be in the office on Monday December 19, 2016 and the internal auditors will be in the office sometime after.

Once  the physical count is complete and  the auditors have done their counts and inspections, we will begin the process to finalize the counts, reports and do the necessary entries and work with the finance department to finalize the inventory.

Merchandise will resume shipping as close to January 2, 2017 as possible.

Please relay to your state and local contacts that if they need anything ordered for the balance of 2016, the order must be placed no later than noon on December 16, 2016 Eastern time.  Orders can still be placed on line 24/7 but we can not ship anything until after the inventory is finalized and we start the 2017 calendar and fiscal year.

If you are in town and want to volunteer to help us with this physical count, we will have coffee, donuts and snacks as an incentive (or bribe, however you want to interpret!)  This project also counts as credit towards the Lafayette Volunteer Service Medal!

The SAR library is open on December 17, 2016 so if you’re in town and want to come by and not work (or only work a little), please come and use the library.

The SAR Headquarters is open for normal business during the inventory process and closed in observance of the Christmas Holiday on December 23-26, 2016 and closed for the New Year’s holiday on December 30 – January 2, 2017.